A fully vertically integrated content creator.

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hsquared has an award winning in-house creative team that can turn your brand story into original, effective, engaging content. hsquared can creatively conceptualise and create bespoke content for any purpose or audience. hsquared understands that audiences need to love, and relate to, the viewing environment in which they consume content.

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hsquared knows content creation is a collaborative process and has built its reputation on having an experienced production team, including; producers, writers, directors, camera crew, editors and sound engineers. A team that contributes to the content creation process to deliver the best possible outcome for brands.

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We are one of the only independent Australian content creators that offer production and distribution services tailored 100% to your needs. hsquared also offers leading content amplification as well as analytics and reporting services to assist brands and ensure they not only get the best value from their content, but that they also know everything about those who see it.