The Home Team

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Episodes: 50 x 30 minutes

Seasons: 5 

Australian TX: Channel Ten

In season three, instead of flipping a house, The Home Team hit the streets to complete mini-makeovers, discover the hottest trends and talk to some of the most interesting creators in the home and garden space. Your dedicated team of DIYers, Anthony Scott and Leah McLeod aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and show you how to recreate the best styles from your shed at home for a fraction of the cost! Tune in and get inspired to do that job you’ve been putting off for too long.

Have you ever wondered how to choose the colour of a feature wall? Or how to plant a veggie garden? Perhaps you want to know how to up-cycle a door and turn it into a dinner table? You’ll take something away every day and learn affordable ways to make your home stylish, cosy and sustainable.